Dome Alert is the most affordable and straightforward solution to offer you 24/7 Professionally Monitored protection from the most general and costly disasters in a home – Fire, Flood, Freeze, and Carbon Monoxide.

Dome offers you the same 24/7 protection and all the benefits of traditional home security systems without making your wallet lighter. The setup costs and monthly fees are low and therefore set you free from long term contracts.

How Does It Work?

Dome’s sensors work with the existing equipment in your home. When a sensor is triggered, an alert is immediately sent to both your smartphone and a professional monitoring station.

Fires can be caused by numerous scenarios, old machinery or appliance is one of the most common reasons why your house can catch fire. Outdated appliances don’t have voltage stabilizers, Voltage fluctuations can potentially make your appliances catch fire. It would therefore be wise to upgrade your refrigerators, air conditioners and Water Heater etc. if they are old. The Fire/CO Sensor listens for distinct alarm sounds from your Smoke/CO Detectors. It can distinguish the difference between a Smoke alarm and a CO alarm. Most Smoke Detectors double as a CO Detector and all detectors are interconnected, all you need is one sensor to cover your entire home.

Flood/Freeze Sensor

The Flood/Freeze Sensor detects water and alerts you before leaks become floods. When water touches the copper nodes, which is placed at the bottom of the sensor, the sensor is triggered.

It also has an internal thermometer that sends an alert when temperatures drop below 41 degrees — allowing you to take action before pipes freeze.

Why Do You Need Dome Alert?

The genius of Dome is in its simplicity. We leverage the power of the cloud, your WiFi, and low-cost equipment to protect at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-home alarm systems. Unlike current solutions that require replacing your home products in your home, we use technology that works with your existing equipment – giving your current devices smart home capabilities and saving you hundreds of dollars.

When a sensor is triggered, Dome will immediately send you mobile, text and email alerts allowing you to respond promptly and minimize the damage of these events.

Alerts notifying you what and where the damage is.

And empower you to respond to threats right from your phone. Dismiss as a false alarm, send emergency response, or call a neighbor – it’s up to you.

Because you can’t always be there, the Dome system is always connected to a professional monitoring station. When a sensor is triggered, the professional monitoring station will call you and your emergency contacts until the incident is resolved. Even dispatching emergency responders in the event of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Home insurance companies really value 24/7 professional monitoring. So much so, that most insurance companies offer a 5% – 20% discount on your homeowners insurance premiums for protecting your home with Dome Alert. With savings that good, the system can literally pay for itself!

Our professional monitoring is through UCC, the nation’s premier central station. UCC currently provides monitoring services for over 200,000 homes and businesses across the United States. They are UL Listed, have earned a Five Diamond Central Station rating, have bilingual operators, and have been in business for 30 years. Feel confident that with Dome, you are great hands.

Dome Alert Features

No Fixed Contracts

Unlike traditional alarm companies that lock you into long, multi-year contracts, Dome offers you month-to-month service. Have the freedom to deactivate and re-activate your system at any time,


Easy Set Up 

Set up requires no tools or wiring. Simply download the app, connect to the Hub, and follow the app’s simple step-by-step instructions to place, link, and test sensors. You will never have to arm/disarm your system. Once activated.

Perfect For Owners

Because Dome can be set up and packed up on your own, has month-to-month contracts, and doesn’t require Homeowner verification, it is the perfect solution for both renters and homeowners.

Dome Alert Demo

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Strangers can not enter your homes. Emergency contacts are friends or family members that you provide can. You say who the monitoring station calls for back up if you’re not around or incapacitated. Hope that clears that up. Thanks for the interest and I wish you the best!

It is currently available on Android as well. Up and running!

The flood sensor itself is water proof and can be used over and over again. It has about a 10 year life. If the hub gets wet, then yes, a new hub would be required and available. Thanks! You can Find More FAQs in our support page

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